2108 Beach Seminar at Lake Tahoe

Denshi and I had the pleasure of hosting our Order of Isshinryu brothers, Sensei Popp, Sensei Ragan, Mr. Michael Langtry, and Sensei Ragan’s wife JoAnn at our home last weekend. Everyone was in town for the annual Beach Seminar at Lake Tahoe.

On Saturday, the seminar featured 6 presenters including Denshi, Grandmaster Rick Manglinong, Grandmaster Michael Giron, Grandmaster Harry Greene, Guro Jacob Ragsdale, and Master Roman Marquez. Sticks, knives, swords, and empty hand applications were covered. The sky was brilliant, the day warm, and we had a good time together!

On Sunday we continued the fun by heading to Virginia City to enjoy good music and food.  And Monday, we visited the wild horses in the neighborhood.

(*Note: my photos are not this good, these are courtesy of Nancy Florence!)

Lastly, a big thank you to my brother Joe Ragan, who gifted to me beautiful practice knives and swords that he made.

Maybe we’ll see the rest of you out here for next year? Until then, keep training!

-Master Ortenzio