Austin Langdon

Sensei Austin Langdon started studying Order of Isshin-Ryu Karate under Master Bill Sullivan in the Easton, Maryland Dojo in September of 2001.  While training with Master Sullivan he spent 7 years at the Easton Dojo and was promoted to Ni-Kyu (2ndDegree Brown belt) before moving to Cambridge MD and training with Sensei Shelly Bell.  He remained at the Cambridge Dojo until going into military service in September of 2009 at which time he was an ik-kyu (1st Degree brown belt).  After seeing one of his best friends die in a motorcycle accident, Sensei Langdon had a calling to become a Flight Medic (medic on a Blackhawk helicopter) and enlisted in the Army to serve his country.  After many years of rigorous training Sensei Langdon was deployed to Helmand province, Afghanistan in 2012 and requested to be assigned to the busiest Forward Operating Base (FOB) in the war zone. While there he was chosen to pilot a new blood program called *Vampire where they transfused blood in back of the Blackhawk to severely injured patients. By the end of his deployment, he was awarded an Air Medal and served with distinction amongst his peers. Once state side he was deployed with national guard to the Baltimore riots where he led a team of medics providing aid to injured personnel and received the Maryland National Guard Meritorious Service Medal for his actions. Even while over seas Sensei Langdon practiced all of his Katas and kept working on his development.

Sensei Langdon returned to the Order of Isshinryu in 2014 and started working towards his black belt under the guidance of Master Cimorose, which he received in 2016. He continues to work towards his progression under direction of Master Cimorose and Sensei Buster Hash.

Sensei Langdon has also trained in Wing-Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, Arnis, Aikido, and holds a black belt in Shosiekan Karate as well.

He was also influenced by Master Barry Smith, Master Bud Ewing and Sensei Marvin Beulah during his years of training at the various Dojos.

Sensei Langdon is married to Sara and they have two sons Gavin and Grant.