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Sensei Waldridge
Sensei Waldridge

Sensei Waldridge is a lifelong Cecil County resident and community activist, previously coaching Little League and various other youth related programs throughout the years. He has also been involved in numerous community outreach programs.  His martial arts journey began 25 years ago after attending a self-defense class taught by Grand Master Walter “Toby” Cooling and his close friend, Master Aubrey ‘Bud’ Ewing. 

Throughout the years, Sensei Waldridge has competed locally and regionally at various tournaments including the prestigious Isshinryu Hall of Fame tournament held annually in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Additionally, he has participated in or organized various demonstrations at local community and school functions promoting Isshinryu karate and the Order of Isshinryu Martial Arts organization.  He currently holds the rank of yondan (fourth degree black belt) and is a board member of the non-profit Order of Isshin-Ryu organization.

In 2017, Sensei Waldridge was inducted into Grand Master Don Nagle American Okinawan Karate Association Hall of Fame in the category of “Outstanding Instructor of the Year.”

In addition to his volunteer work, teaching and community involvement, Sensei Waldridge has proudly served his community as a law enforcement official for over 30 years during which, he has been certified by the Maryland Police Training Commission as an instructor in various capacities. 

In his spare time, he enjoys visiting other dojo, attending seminars and workouts or simply fostering relationships with other karateka and spending time with his family and friends.