Max Jones

Sensei Jones is a lifelong Cecil County resident and has enjoyed giving back to his community through the Key Club, National Honor Society, and other organizations he has joined throughout his life. His martial art’s journey began in 2010 when he was placed in a self defense karate class after getting into conflict at school. This class piqued his interest more than the others he had seen in the past and he was quickly hooked from the start.

After receiving his black belt in 2018, he has aimed to assist his Sensei in maintaining the dojo, promoting the Order of Isshin-ryu Martial Arts Organization through seminars and displays, and mentoring kyu-ranks. He currently holds the rank of Sandan (third degree black belt) and proudly assists the Order however it may call upon him.

In 2021, he began to regularly lead in teaching class before being made a Sensei and taking on sole responsibility. Since then he has begun teaching his own self defense classes and passing on what he has learned over the years.

In addition to teaching martial arts, Sensei Jones enjoys coaching his team at work as a retail manager of four years and tutoring young minds at Cecil College for the last three. All while pursuing his own continued education at Cecil College and Wilmington University.

In whatever free time he saves for himself, he enjoys challenging his friends to games, tinkering in his garage and office, or expanding another set of skills and broadening his horizons.