Sotiere Nicholson

Sensei Nicholson started his  walk of life at the age of 14 studying Kung Fu with Master Charles Thompson in Elkton, Maryland. Kung Fu always intrigued  Sensei Nicholson due to the way techniques flowed together. He was impressed with Bruce Lee and studied his moves. When he turned 17, a new journey began. February 1986 Sensei Nicholson’s journey in the way of life started when he set foot in the Hombo Dojo. He found a new home and absorbed everything. Isshinryu Karate, this is what Nicholson’s needed to enhance and to develop his walk of life. It was not just the physical training that excited him. It was the mental, and spiritual aspect of the Isshinryu. The three stars working together in harmony. To him this karate system was a no brainer, so he made the Hombo Dojo is real home.  “Without the help from Master Cooling, I would not be where I am today”.