Denshi’s 20 – Bugeisha, January 2022

The January 2022 edition of Bugeisha magazine brings another terrific article authored by Master Toby Cooling and Sensei Dan Popp: “Denshi’s 20 – A Modern Joint-Locking Drill for Chin Na Development.”

In this article, Master Cooling’s development of Denshi’s 20, a series of joint-locking techniques, is explored.

“Master Cooling took Chin Na techniques to the next level by developing a drill which provides for flowing motion from one application to the next.  This progression from static execution to flowing execution of joint-locking is critical.”

Chin Na, widely defined as sieze and control, are Chinese joint-locking techniques that have had influence throughout martial arts, including with Okinawan karate systems.  You’ll read how Master Cooling adapted some of the techniques into a flowing drill in the spirit of the Filipino Martial Arts style.

“The Denshi’s 20 drill was developed in the spirit of how Filipino martial arts (FMA) can complement most any other style.  Modern Arnis founder Remy Presas was always quoted as saying how his system can help martial artists discover new things about their existing style.  In 2011, this is exactly what happened when Master Cooling attended an Arnis seminar and witnessed FMA students working a joint locking flow drill.”

The yudansha, or black belts, of the Order of Isshin-Ryu (OI) learn and explore Denshi’s 20 in an effort to improve their self-defense, but to also learn and improve their execution and knowledge of their isshin-ryu kata.



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Congratulations to Master Cooling on 50 years of the Order of Isshin-Ryu, and congratulations to Sensei Popp and Master Cooling on another great article in an international publication! ⛩