Elkton Dojo Demonstration

On Saturday, January 25th, members of the Elkton Dojo represented the Order of Isshin-Ryu (OI) at the American Cancer Society, Martin Luther King awareness and benefit at Elkton High School.

The history of Karate and the Order of Isshin-Ryu was given along with the dynamics of our style.

Kata was then performed and explained.  Ms. Keenan performed Seisan Kata, Mr. Fellenbaum  performed Chinto Kata, and Mr. Jones performed Tokumeni-No-Kun (Bo) Kata. The audience was delighted!

Attendees from the audience were then partnered together and participated in a 30-minute hands-on demo of wrist releases and choke prevention moves from Seiuchin and Sunsu Kata.

The floor was then opened for questions.

A huge thank you to Ms. Keenan, Mr. Fellenbaum, Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Jones for taking time from their Saturday to admirably represent the OI. It was a pleasure working with everyone! 

Sensei Larry Waldridge ⛩