Elkton Dojo Demonstration

On Saturday, January 25th, members of the Elkton Dojo represented the Order of Isshin-Ryu (OI) at the American Cancer Society, Martin Luther King awareness and benefit at Elkton High School. The history of Karate and the Order of Isshin-Ryu was given along with the dynamics of our style. Kata was then performed and explained.  Ms.

Texas Isshin-Ryu Karate Kai Seminar, 2019

In November, Grandmaster Cooling (Denshi) and Master Ortenzio-Cooling were invited once again to give seminars for Master Bob Kristensen’s Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai. For the 2019 seminar, Master Ortenzio covered warm-ups and knife self-defense. Grandmaster Cooling explained the Code of the Order of Isshin-Ryu and then gave practical applications for Denshi’s 20. There were over 70 kyu rank and

In Memory of Master Barry L. Smith

In Memory of Master Barry L. Smith, 9th Dan, Order of Isshin-Ryu 1945 – 2019 It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that our brother and friend, Master Barry L. Smith, has passed after a long battle with cancer. As one of the founding members of the Order of Isshin-Ryu, Master Smith’s martial

Remembering Black Belt Joseph Nickle

Joseph Ward Nickle of Millington, MD, passed away peacefully at home March 1, 2019, after battling pancreatic cancer for over three years.   He was born in Elkton, Maryland to Ward B. and Rose (Hague) Nickle. He is survived by his wife Joan Berwick, his sons Jason, Ward, Joe and Josh, brothers John and David (Elkton), sister Teresa Figlow

2019 Chi-Ryu Jiujitsu Seminar

Master Latimer, Ku Dan in the Order of Isshinryu, hosted a seminar in Chi-Ryu Jiujitsu this past week. He has created and developed this unique and powerful martial art.  The Seminar and training was held at the Woodbridge Community Center in Woodbridge, NJ. ‘It was a great day for all participants and trainers as they

2018 Holiday Training

Holiday Greetings, It has always been said that there is more to Karate than punching and kicking, and this week proved to define this once again.  On two separate evenings following the Thanksgiving Holiday, members of the Order of Isshinryu had exceptional workouts and bonding time, but also enhanced Isshinryu community bonds. On Wednesday, November

2018 Day with the Masters

Excellent Day with the Masters!  At this year’s Day with the Master’s, there were four different seminars that included agility drills, sparring drills, attacking and counter attacking drills, and Bo versus Sai attack and counter drills. Last but not least was the icing on the cake: Master Isham Latimer performing Chi-Ryu Jujitsu with Master instructors

2018 Arnis Seminar in Elkton

In August, Sensei Popp led an outstanding Arnis seminar at the Hombu Dojo. He covered basics using both partner and bag work to practice with safety and practicality using the weapons.  The class worked basic strikes and blocks with an eye towards the similarities between the Arnis and our OI foundations. Great class and a great

2108 Beach Seminar at Lake Tahoe

Denshi and I had the pleasure of hosting our Order of Isshinryu brothers, Sensei Popp, Sensei Ragan, Mr. Michael Langtry, and Sensei Ragan’s wife JoAnn at our home last weekend. Everyone was in town for the annual Beach Seminar at Lake Tahoe. On Saturday, the seminar featured 6 presenters including Denshi, Grandmaster Rick Manglinong, Grandmaster